Stay Well Groomed my friends!

Matt P.

The Finest Functional Grooming Products for Men.

Shaving & Grooming is Generational

At The Well Groomed Guy we know that shaving is a rite of passage as we grow. From learning to build a lather, to the care and precision of a nice clean shave.

Everything we do is with that in mind.

Only the Finest in Men's grooming products

Every item manufactured by The Well Groomed Guy is Barber/Salon grade quality. We use only the finest ingredients to make our products. Plus we use these products every day on ourselves at The Well Groomed Guy, so we know when something is up to our standards!

Functional Grooming Products

While a great scent is nice, our only focus is in providing you with Grooming products that do what they are supposed to do. Every ingredient, every formulation is specifically picked to insure you can rely on your The Well Groomed Guy products.

My Conclusion as a Dark haired female is that it is Awesome!

I've been waiting to write a proper, informed review about this product. My conclusion is that it's awesome! I'm a dark haired female who is trying to wash my hair every 3 days after years of washing every single day. I have tried other brands of dry shampoo, and they always left a white cast on my dark, almost black, hair. Not this dry shampoo! I have realized that for me, the best way to apply it is by dispensing some product into my hand, then taking a makeup brush and applying it to the greasy parts of my hair. You don't see any evidence of dry shampoo! It smells fresh, but not overpowering at all. The ingredients are simple and safe. The bottle came filled to the brim in a glass container (great!). I just went 6 days without washing my oily hair, which was actually not oily in the SLIGHTEST because of this dry shampoo. I have never, ever been able to do that before, EVER. This product is great, and I will most certainly be buying it again in the future!

DNK From Amazon Review

The Moisturized Face Guy leaves a nice matte finish and feels great on my skin

I use to use Lather & Wood's facial moisturizer which would leave my face looking like a grease slick and bled into my eyes and irritated them; well, not this moisturizer! This moisturizer is of a comparable price, higher dollar per oz value, and contains quality ingredients that make a superb natural facial moisturizer and aftershave. This is one of the few products that actually does both functions extremely well and the 5 star ratings here are well deserved. Well done The Well Groomed Guy!

Amazon Reviewer

I really enjoy the smell and feel of this soap

Who really enjoys shaving? I tend not to shave as often as I should, but I am definitely shaving more regularly since receiving my order of this soap! I really enjoy the smell and the feel of this soap. The soap lathers well and is very soft, allows the blade to glide easily. I will be back for more!

Just wrapping up my first container, back for more! This soap still smells great, lathers very well and has lasted a long time while retaining the original quality. I keep it in a ziploc bag just to make sure it doesn't dry out, though I'm not sure it's necessary. I get some soap on my brush and then stir it up in a shaving bowl for a minute or so.