8 Reasons Why Guys Should Use Quality Grooming Products

Take A Closer Look at Grooming Products

It’s easy to rely on what’s most available when it comes to grooming products for guys. At drug stores, big box stores, even online realtors like Amazon, you’ll often see the most recognizable brands in stock and on sale. With that type of access, it’s probably tempting just to buy whatever you see first — regardless of what the reviews might say.

The thing is, quality does matter for grooming products. It’s a good idea to slow down for a second and consider what you’re actually putting on your face and body beyond the product type and brand name.

When you get deeper, the quality of a product can influence the long-term health of your skin and body, all while impacting the little day-to-day moments of how you feel and how you look. Those are pretty significant things to ponder, but fear not — we’re gonna help you out and break it down into eight simple reasons why guys should use quality grooming products.

#1 Feel Better

It’s simple, right? When you use quality grooming products, your skin is going to feel better. It doesn’t matter if it’s your chin, your cheeks, or your scalp — when you use products that provide natural dermatological benefits such as moisturization, all while providing a deep cleanse, it’s going to make a difference. That can translate into a number of different overall benefits. Cleaner skin feels great, and that great feeling lasts much longer throughout the day. It’s also nicer to the touch when you’re getting up close with that special someone in your life.

#2 Look Better

In almost all cases, it means that it works better. So, for instance, if you’re using quality shaving cream and aftershave, it’s going to do a better job keeping your skin clean. Not only does this keep it smooth and soft to the touch, it also means it’ll be clear of problems such as acne and other blemishes that occur when skin isn’t properly cleaned. The result? You’ll simply look better, and when you look better, you’ll feel better — not just the “feel better” of cleaner skin, but the “feel better” of being confident and pretty much awesome as you go to work, get a coffee, or hit the town. And who doesn’t want that?

#3 Look Younger

All right, we get that there’s a certain market for the “rugged older man” look. But honestly, we’d all want to look younger. That’s a universal thing. So, how do you do that? Given that your skin is what everyone sees, it’s a good idea to take care of that. Moisturizers, shaving creams with essential oils, and shampoos without harsh chemicals that can be pretty brutal to your skin and hair. Thus, take care of your skin, look younger longer. One of the easiest ways to do that is to treat your skin well with quality grooming products.

#4 Smell Better

If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients list of a popular shaving cream or shampoo, there’s a good chance you’re going to be hit with a huge list of chemical compounds that you’d never be able to pronounce. (Unless you took organic chemistry in college; then it’s probably no big deal.) The thing about those types of chemicals is that they often are used to replicate the real thing when it comes to aroma — but it’s simply not the same. Something smells a little off, and for men, that probably means it’s “generic musk dude smell.” In a pinch, that’s fine, but we’re guessing you’d prefer to have slightly higher standards than that. For quality products made with a blend of natural oils, it’s pretty easy to know what you’re getting. If you see eucalyptus oil on the ingredients list, then you know that you’re getting eucalyptus oil rather than a mystery chemical — and if you want to dig one level further, it’s easy to look up the dermatological benefits of eucalyptus oil  (here, we looked it up for you). And you’ll know exactly what smell you’re getting out of it rather than a mystery chemical stew.

#5 Know What You’re Getting

The Well Groomed Guy - image

When we say quality, we usually mean something that’s not necessarily mass produced, particularly in overseas factories where quality control is often exchanged for efficiency. That’s simply a fact of big business. What that also means is that those products include a mix of chemicals you’ll never be able to pronounce. In addition, there will probably be filler (most likely water in a shaving cream or a shampoo) that dilutes the overall effectiveness of the product. This is how large corporations stretch their budget, and while they’re in every right to do such a thing, there’s a certain quality that you just get when more time and effort are put into a product.

#6 Get More Choices

There are many good things that come out of mega-corporations. They create a lot of products that we need, and they get the job done. But that doesn’t mean that they’re always the better choice. The problem is that when mega-corporations are the only available choice in the marketplace, quality can suffer. But when you go with smaller, more-focused companies — dare we say artisan? — consumers have a range of choices at their disposal. And by supporting smaller companies that have a greater emphasis on quality, this forces everyone to up their game and create better products. So, if you want everyone to raise the bar on grooming products, picking up quality products made by smaller companies will do wonders for your skin and it’ll send a message to the entire industry that quality matters.

#7 Happier Animals

Look, we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but big corporations often test on animals. So, if you don’t want to think about those poor bunnies and mice having various products tested on them, the best thing to do is to look for a higher quality grooming product. That often means going with the smaller guys, the companies that have a better sense of quality control over all aspects of the process: formulation, testing, manufacturing, and customer service. Try it, and not only will you get the benefits listed above, you can picture bunnies frolicking in a field without any sense of guilt.

#8 Be Awesome

No, seriously. Everything about shaving with quality grooming products using a traditional blade is awesome. You know how you can tell? Those modern disposable blades have flashy commercials with intense music and computer-created razors that whoosh around the screen. You might say they’re trying just a tiny bit too much. But when you think of traditional shaving, it’s a clean cut that you control. Precise. Smooth. Excellent. And quality grooming products make that whole process better for you and your skin. If that’s not awesome, we don’t know what is.

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of quality grooming products for guys, you may be wondering “where could I possibly get products as wonderful and as beneficial as these?” The answer, dear reader, is quite simple. Click on this link to check out the catalog of all-natural high-quality products from The Well Groomed Guy. We’re confident you’ll love what you see, and if you have any questions, give us a holler. Yes, we’re also the type of company that responds to customer feedback. Seriously, give it a try, we really want to hear from you, both before and after you try our products.